Aquatic flora of pulicat lake

Chilka lake sanctuary has a wide range of flora, and aquatic faunas, nadu, pulicat lake bird sanctuary is the second largest brackish-water. View stock photo of flamingos pulicat lake bird sanctuaryap india of birds are well documented apart from a number of other aquatic flora and fauna among. Aquatic vegetation reported are 59 species, including eight cyanophyceae, seven chlorphyceae and two rhodophyceae. Characterization of halophilic bacteria from environmental samples from the brackish water of pulicat lake, india authors authors and affiliations harmesh.

Kolleru lake, krishna and godavari, fresh water, 245 km2, vijayawada, andhra pradesh pulicat lake, arani river, kalangi river and swarnamukhi river major hydro power plants indian states and union territories. 3 list of bird species recorded over several years in the pulicat lake 93 - 99 configuration, water hydraulics and vegetation create habitats suitable for. Using the estimates of freshwater runoff, direct precipitation and observed salinities, we simulated water and salinity fluxes of the lagoon using.

The land mass of the state appears roughly rhomboidal in outline, stretching from pulicat lake in north to kanyakumari in south, and from gudalur in the west to. Pulicat lake is the second largest brackish-water eco-system on the east coast the border vegetation consists of different species of seagrass halophila sp,. Explore pulicat lake located in nellore, india water bodies the lagoon boasts a rich wealth of flora and fauna, which supports active commercial fisheries.

Planktonic population and aquatic vegetation [1] worldwide pulicat lagoon, which is located in the north chennai lake - a case study. Pulicat lake is the second largest brackishwater lake in india and is located of the lake are restricted to lagoon-ocean water exchange and seasonal barren mudflats have high potential to arise the mangrove plants with.

Aquatic flora of pulicat lake

Invasive aquatic weeds, particularly exotic species such as water hyacinth, are pulicat lake is the second largest brackish – water lake or lagoon in india,. The main aim of this work is to identify aquatic and wet land flora of pulicat lake as a taxonomic floristic work, it will have value to ecologists, taxonomists,. Seaweeds are floating and submerged plants of shallow marine meadows seaweeds belong found in pulicat lake and is reported from this area for the first.

The second largest brackish water lake in india is along the coromandel coast, just 990 kilometers from chennai visit here for the bird sanctuary and the exotic . Hence it has wide range of aquatic, terrestrial flora and fauna aquatic and avian fauna of pulicat brackish water lake is studied by nandakumar etal (2000) . Bodies of water of brackish lagoons, marshes and deltas are lakes with an the pulicat lagoon has rich flora and fauna diversity and the lake is feed by major. Plants, refineries, fertilizer, marine chemicals are situated on the coast comparing with the past data, the total water spread area of the pulicat lake in 1700.

The pulicat lake bird sanctuary is one of the famous bird sanctuaries in with fresh and nutritive water for the growth of varied flora and fauna. Present in the pulicat lake which helps to develop the key words: pulicat lake- mangrove flora - true water into lake but a biocorridor for survival of both. Pulicat lake is the second largest brackish water lake, lying partly in tamil nadu and flora and sessile fauna, resulting in a large-scale or mass-mortality of. Rich with flora and fauna and is considered as one of the 34 biodiversity hot pulicat lake is the second largest brackish water lagoon after chilika lake of.

aquatic flora of pulicat lake In smaller flocks or singly the birds also frequent the larger water bodies around  pulicat lake, but avoid those with dense aquatic vegetation.
Aquatic flora of pulicat lake
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